Creative Team - Season Five

Created By: Carl Reiner

Produced By: (episodes 128-133, 145-158) Carl Reiner, (episodes 134-144) Bill Persky and Sam Denoff

Executive Producer: Sheldon Leonard in association with Danny Thomas

Story Consultants: Bill Persky and Sam Denoff

Writers: See Episode Listings

Directors: See Episode Listings

Associate Producer: Ronald Jacobs

Music: Earle Hagen

Director of Photography: Robert DeGrasse, A.S.C.

Production Assistant: Joel Swanson

Art Director: Kenneth A. Reid

Film Editor: Beryl Gelfond

Production Manager: Frank Myers

Assistant Director: (episodes 128-154) John C. Chulay, (episodes 155-158) Stanley J. Brooks

Prop Master: Glenn Ross

Camera Coordinator: Robert Sousa

Casting: Ruth Burch

Script Continuity: Marjorie Mullen

Set Decorator: Ken Swartz

Rerecording Editors: (episodes 128-129, 131, 133, 157158) Dick Maier, (episodes 130, 132 Sid Lubow, (episodes 134-156) Reg Browne

Recorded By: Glen Glenn Sound Co.

Costumes: (episodes 128-149) Harald Johnson, (episodes 150-158) Margaret Makau

Makeup: Tom Tuttle

Hair: Donna McDonough

Sound Engineer: Cam McCulloch

Music Coordinator: Walter Popp

Dick Van Dyke's Wardrobe Furnished by Botany 500

Women's Fashions provided by Nardis of California, Nardis of Dallas, House of Gold, Suivante, Michael Anthony, Dorothea Beatty, Bridallure Inc., Torino Imports, Glenhaven Ltd.