Creative Team - Season One

Created and Produced By: Carl Reiner

Executive Producer: Sheldon Leonard in association with Danny Thomas

Writers: See Episode Listings

Directors: See Episode Listings

Associate Producer: Ronald Jacobs

Music: Earle Hagen

Director of Photography: Robert DeGrasse, A.S.C.

Art Director: Kenneth A. Reid

Film Editor: Bud Molin

Production Manager: Frank Myers

Assistant Director: (episodes 1-2) Jay Sandrich, (episodes 3-30) John C. Chulay

Production Supervisor: W. Argyle Nelson

Prop Master: Glenn Ross

Camera Coordinator: James Niver

Casting: Ruth Burch

Script Continuity: Marjorie Mullen

Set Decorator: Ken Swartz

Rerecording Editor: Edward Sandlin

Recorded By: Glen Glenn Sound Co.

Story Consultant: Carl Reiner

Costumes: Harald Johnson

Makeup: Tom Tuttle

Hair: Elenore Edwards

Sound Engineer: Cam McCulloch

Music Coordinator: Walter Popp

Dick Van Dyke's Wardrobe Furnished by Botany 500

Women's Fashions provided by Fabiola by David Barr, Lill-Ann, William Pearson, Ann Arnold of Beverly Hills, and Gino Paoli